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These instructions explain how to create your own Give Your Teen a Boost postcards to remind parents to schedule an appointment for their teen’s meningococcal booster.

Download the postcard graphics

Click the button below and download the ZIP file, which contains two JPEG images–one for the front of the postcard and one for the back. Unzip the file once the download is complete. Save the two unzipped files (1postcardfront.jpg and 2postcardback.jpg) where you can find them later.

Navigate to

Click the button below to open the vistaprint website. (This will open in a separate tab, so you will still be able to refer back to these instructions if needed). The 6” x 4” postcard in landscape format will be pre-selected for you.

Upload the graphic for the front side of the postcard

On the vistaprint website:

  1. Navigate to the Images heading (box in upper left).
  2. Under Add images from, click My Computer.
  3. Click Choose Images from the popup.
  4. Navigate to the location where you saved the images.
  5. Select the image named 1postcardFRONT.jpg
  6. Observe that the postcard image appears in the postcard design. The edges of the image should align with the dotted Safety Line.
  7. Click Next button on the lower right.

Upload the graphic for the back side of the postcard

On the vistaprint website:

  1. Under Back Side Printing Options select the Full-Color option.
  2. Click Upload Your Design, which appears as a big gray space in the postcard content area.
  3. From the popup menu, click Add Image.
  4. Click My Computer and Choose Image like you did in the previous step.
  5. Navigate to the location where you saved the images (usually a Downloads folder).
  6. Select the image named 2postcardBACK.jpg
  7. Once the image appears click Next button.

Add your address to the back side of the postcard

On the vistaprint website:

  1. Under Review Your Small Postcard, look for Back side (on the right) and click the Edit link. This brings you back to Customize Your Small Postcard – Back Side.
  2. Click the Text button in the gray toolbar (at the top of the page) to add text to the postcard.
  3. Click Add New Text Field under Enter Text.
  4. Text reading “Enter Your Text” will appear in huge letters on your postcard. Double-click on the text to open a popup menu to edit the font and size.
  5. Select a font size and typeface that fits on the postcard. We recommend Arial 12 or 14. Adjust the placement of the text so it all appears on the postcard in the desired area (for example, under “From”). You will need to use the drag handles to reduce the size of the text box to fit within the boundaries of the postcard.
  6. Enter your desired text. To add additional areas of text (for example, under “Please schedule and appointment with us”), click Add New Text Field to develop a new text box.
  7. Click Preview (just above the Next button) to look at both front and back of your postcard.
  8. Continue to add/edit text until you are satisfied with the content and layout.

Complete purchase and shipping

On the vistaprint website:

  1. Check the box next to I have reviewed and approve my design.
  2. Click Next.
  3. You will be prompted to sign in with an account, create one, or continue as guest.
  4. Select the quantity of postcards you wish to print.
  5. Select the paper quality (Note: You may wish to consider upgrading to the “115 lb premium glossy stock” to improve the finished look of your postcard.)
  6. Complete the shipping and billing information.
  7. Enjoy using this great reminder to help improve your adolescent immunization coverage!
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