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Featured Items

“Rationale for an Immunization Platform at 16 Years of Age”
Adolescent Immunization Initiative White Paper
Reminder Postcard
Customizable postcard to remind parents to schedule a MCV4 booster appointment for their adolescent
Slide Deck for HCPs
Downloadable slide deck and speaker notes on meningococcal disease and immunization

“Dear Colleague” Letter
National call-to-action on the importance of the second dose of MCV4 vaccine

Simplified Flowchart for MCV4 Immunization in Adolescents
Easy-to-follow algorithm for routine MCV4 immunization in adolescents

New 3-Part Video Series

The video, titled “Meningococcal Vaccine: Why a Booster Dose Matters,” features Tina Tan, MD, a pediatric infectious disease specialist in Chicago, and Thomas Kuhls, MD, a pediatrician in private practice in Norman, Oklahoma.

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