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Meningococcal Disease Prevention: Strengthening Protection in Adolescents

This slide deck, which is appropriate for use with healthcare professionals (HCPs), may be downloaded and used free of charge. It was designed to:

  • educate HCPs about the seriousness of meningococcal disease and the risk it poses to adolescents;
  • raise awareness of the low immunization rates for the meningococcal (MCV4) second (or booster) dose; and
  • offer tools and resources to help HCPs increase their immunization rates and close the meningococcal booster dose gap.


  • In PowerPoint, click the “View” menu and select “Normal” to see the presentation without the embedded notes, or click “Notes Page” to see the slides including the speaker notes. Other options are also available from the “View” menu. Similarly, click on “Slide Show” to view the slide deck as a routine presentation.
  • This slide deck may be used in part or as a whole. Credit should be given to the Give2MCV4 project, referencing the website. Due to the technical nature of the slides, please contact us at if you intend to modify the CONTENT of the slides in any way,  including removing logos. You do not need to contact us if you simply wish to use a portion of the slides as written, i.e., without changing the content.
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