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MenACWY: Give 2 Doses
Talking points, checklists, standing orders, and patient materials
Standing Orders for Administering Meningococcal ACWY Vaccin to Children and Teens

Eligible health professionals may vaccinate children and teens who meet any of the criteria on this form

Meningococcal: Questions and Answers

Information about the disease and vaccines for patients and parents

Vaccinate Teens
Immunization Schedule

Schedules outlining recommended adolescent vaccines

Slide Set and Speaker Notes
Meningococcal Disease Prevention: Strengthening Protection in Adolescents

Downloadable slide deck and speaker notes for healthcare professionals highlighting the risk to adolescents from meningococcal disease and raising awareness about low immunization rates.

Improve Your Rates
Top 10 Ways to Improve Adolescent Immunization Rates

Strategies and tips to raise immunization rates in your medical setting

Suggestions to Improve Your Immunization Services

More than 35 ideas that healthcare professionals and practices can use to improve their efficiency in administering vaccines and increase their immunization rates

Know Your Rates: Measuring Immunization Success in Your Practice

Tips to help your medical practice track immunization rates

Developing an Immunization Culture in Your Office

Build a pro-vaccination culture in your practice

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Complete listing of MenACWY toolkit materials

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